Smart Alternative Fundraising Ideas

There are all kinds of reasons to look for new fundraising ideas. Perhaps the fundraiser is no longer available. Maybe sales have been declining every year. Sometimes a fundraiser becomes popular and every group in ideas for church fundraisers town  seems to be doing the same thing and you want something different. Maybe you are just bored selling the same things year after year. Whatever the reason, if you want a new fund raiser to do it is very smart to look into some alternative fundraising ideas.

The term ‘alternative fundraising ideas’ might sound a little off putting at first but when you do a little digging into their meaning you will see that many of them are incredibly successful fund raisers.

When I say alternative fundraising ideas I mean those programs that are not cookie dough, candy, wrapping paper or car washes. While those four fundraisers make up a large chunk of the programs that groups use, there are many, many ideas other than those. In fact, because so many groups are doing the traditional fundraisers, groups that choose alternatives are finding that there sales are higher simply because they are offering something different.

For example, a lot of groups have found that they are successful with food fundraisers. But as health has become a bigger concern many of these same groups have looked for different fundraising ideas they can use while still remaining in the food category. One very popular option that they often turn to is coffee fundraising. You are still selling a food product and you can still earn a fantastic profit but what you are selling is much healthier than a cinnamon bun.